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WIP 2D space game:

My current project is a 2D space game.
The concept of the game is that you have your own faction where you design ships, mine materials and build a fleet or empire to dominate the galaxy. To see some more about the development i suggest checking out my posts on twitter here.

First Android release DoubleDucky:

To learn some things about releasing mobile games on the Google Play store i've made this small arcade game. I've learned how Google Play achievements work and how to put adds in my game for a way monetize my free game. The game concept is very simple since all you have to do press the screen and the longer you press it the further you jump. When you mis the next platform to land on its game over.
Ingame screenshot on playing Double Ducky.
The game can be installed from here on android devices: DoubleDucky .

Vegetarian vampire:

On the University of Utrecht i had a lecture on game theory from the HBO bachelor of Gametechnology for my pre-master course. Besides the game theory mathematics we had to write scientific papers about other games and come up with creative game concepts. Because i came from the pre-master i didn't now anyone had grouped up with a group of 4 poeple that knew eachother pretty well. With this group we had to make a video-game with a creative concept, at first the guys had very big plans on huge games. I convinced them to take it a bit easier with Gamemaker since most of them didn't really code much or had experience making real games. The teacher wanted to have it really clear on the game who would make what and we were not allowed to do a job from someone else besides giving a little help. This made it a little harder for me since i was the only one with more experience in coding and making games.
The concept of the game is crazy idea about a vampire that has become vegetarian that would sneak around to collect money for buying vegetables.
My job in the team was to create a working light system and set-up a working version control systeem so evryone could work on the game. The guys in my group were not really motivated and they where really busy on other courses most of the time. In order to improve the game a bit more i secretly did more work on the game than i was allowed to like adding some better code for the gaurds to decently follow the player around. Luckily the project was more about the game concept itself and how we collected and used the feedback from our game testers in the testing week, because the game itself looked kinda bad in my opinion.

Stenden Major Survival Rookies:

Survival Rookies was our major course where with a team of four we where supposed to make a multiplayer digital board game.

The idea of a multiplayer digital board game is that the world map would be on the bigger hosting screen in the center like a traditional board game, and the players had a smaller screen like a mobile phone with the controls and stats. Now each player would be able to do 2 actions each turn, and a global camera would follow the current player that is doing his turn. To goal of the game was to be the last survivor. To do this you had to collect water, food and need to sleep. To beat the competition you could also poison the drinking water pits, or stab someone when they sleep. To sleep safely from harm, a player could not be stabbed if he would be sleeping in the starting camp. To game also contained some hostile wolves that would walk around the map and could attack you if nearby.

My responsibilities for the team where: Leading the team, coding the multiplayer, coding the map generation, and fixing our bad coders code. (And yes this really was like 40% of my job in the last few weeks and almost ruined our deadline, in our defence the student used to be the sweet apple of our teacher and it took a while before he acknowledged the issues. In the last week we were given the option to kick him out, which we didn't since it was a good friend and wouldn't change our grade).
Time to show how the map generation worked, i have this nice preview video where the map is procedurally filled, this generation has later been optimized to go many times faster.

Finally i have a short movie where i show how a gameroom is set up, the game is making use of Photon for networking and Photon was still in development so we received a free license for 50 connections during this development. That license is expired now that Photon is released so i can only show the part up to where we start listening for players to join.

The game has been a promising and most of all fun project and we have even made it into the local newspapers because of the tabletop like design. The game has also been showcased on one of the school open days for new students.
Survival Rookies in the newspaper of Dagblad van het Noorden.

Stenden C# course 2 game:

For our course on C#2 we teamed up with a group of three to make a small Unity3D game where the most important aspect of the game would be the C# code. In this project i've made the following: Start menu and decor set up, about screen and decor set up, level 2 entrance door, triggers for animation and defeating the boss. In the video below is quick run through the game:

Stenden javascript games:

On our javascript lessons we had to make some games in javascript. The first 2 games are a puzzle and a pong game.
A simple pong game made with javascript.
A simple puzzle slider game with javascript.
For the final assignment i've decided to make a maze game. The challenge for a maze game is to come up with a complex maze design.
My maze runner game for the javascript course final.

Old gamemaker games:

I still have a collection of some very old gamemaker games lingering around that i've made when i was around about 12 old.
Comming soon!

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