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HBO Sport site on Stenden:

For a new design for the HBO Sport page for Stenden we made a few different designs with Wordpress. So me along with 3 other persons in the group decided we would each make our own template and pick the best one. Below you will see my design. The final design ended up with a combination of my design and Ramon his design coupling the best parts together. The website has never gone live i think, since Stenden later hired a web-company that did a total redesign of all the Stenden websites. The homepage mockup for the HBO Sport website.

My first web game:

It al started out as bad school project on Windesheim where my assigned project group didn't do anything. The project group consisted of 7 people where 3 of them actually left school right after this project. One of them was willing to learn php and i've learned him a lot in this project. And one other guy helped me out a lot but i've still done more than 50% of al the work in a 7 man group...
After that project no one disagreed on me owning the code and developing my personal web game from it. It has been in alpha stage for 2 years where new players could register and play the current state of the game. It had around 200 registrations with 50 active players. The homepage of the Crimemafia website. The registration page of the Crimemafia website.

First project on Windesheim(Bachelor):

For our first group project we had to make a simple website representing the students introduction week in Zwolle. It was only a project so there never has been a live website from this prototype. No CMS system has been used. Zoen Event Plaza mockup project for Windesheim.

Veenkoloniaal Goud mock-up:

One of the mock-up designs i've made for Veenkoloniaal Goud for my internship at LE-Networks. The project also included a full identity with multiple logos, paper designs and an advanced search page which has never reached the green light after some rumours about price issues. Veenkoloniaal Goud three columns start page. Veenkoloniaal Goud detailed article page.

Stage bureau zuid-oost Drenthe:

This was a crazy school project. It seems this project was already passed around between four project groups. There was code mixed together from three different cms systems and everything we touched would first break horribly before we could even fix it. During the first month we just took out as much garbage as we could before rebuilding on the design. Considering from where we had to start from, i think it turned out a lot better. Stage bureau zuid oost drenthe homepage design. Stage bureau zuid oost drenthe movies page design.

Karate club website:

The trainer of the karate club i trained at asked me to make him a website for his karate club. It is made in Joomla and highly customized for the customer to allow for easy photo uploading and creating photo albums. There have been around 6-7 different designs to get the desired look for the customer. The below picture is searched up using web-history tool which is missing the top banner sadly enough. After a few years i have lost contact and it seems a new website has been made. Besides my payed internship at Bakerware this was my first payed web-design. Gojukai Karatedo Emmen Design image 1. Gojukai Karatedo Emmen Design image 2.

Quantium base community website:

For our active Lineage2 clan and other community members i've had the main role as website manager and one of the leaders of QB-Gaming over the years. The frontpage was handmade by me in 2010 with some game images put together in Photoshop, and the forum was made with v-bulletin where i totally customized the base design to our style. It's a shame that the web-archive only has a text version saved from it, so i only got a picture with the front page-design that has an incorrect text makeup. The forum part of the website had over 800 registered users and more than 5000 visitors each day. With some toxic groups around Lineage2 we had to actively keep the site updated against frequent DDOS attacks. Frontpage design from QB-Gaming community 2010.

Bakerware internship, Upload site:

Bakerware asked me to make a web-portal where customers could securely upload data files that had to be progressed by Bakerware. So the files where locked behind a password when accessed through the web, and the customers where even able to change this password. The portal also allowed for the addition of custom scripts to be added to handle specific files after they had been uploaded. I've made a good looking design that would make it clear for the user where to go, but since it was a prototype i am not sure if it was ever released or used. The Upload site menu look. The Upload site user configs. The Upload site upload processing status.

Bakerware internship, Jointell design:

One of the web-designs i've made on my internship at Bakerware. This one is also made in Joomla with some modifications to get a double menu bar working. After googling for Jointell QMS i am surprised to see the design has been used till 2016. The jointell website design with a double menu bar.

Bakerware internship, design main website:

After my design for the Litams website. The director of Bakerware asked me if i could make a similar design for the Bakerware website. This website has also been build on Joomla and has been used for about 4-5 years. The main website design for my internship company bakerware (frontpage). The main website design for my internship company bakerware (subpage).

Bakerware internship, design Litams website:

One of the first websites made on my internship at Bakerware was a Joomla template design for Litams. The design has been used for several years. And it seems they now improved the design to fit the new web standards. One of the first webdesigns from my internship at bakerware (frontpage). One of the first webdesigns from my internship at bakerware (subpage).

My very first web-design for my private Lineage2 server:

This design is dating back from around 2008~2009 and was made up of the combination from some game-art. The buttons where sliced in Photoshop. There are no edges on the design, but since most monitors where of low resolution back then it was usually wide enough to fill the whole screen. There was also a logo with the server name "l2Final-Solution" placed where the eye is (Which is lost after 10 years as only the first psd mock-ups of the website-design have remained). The first design made with photoshop for my own lineage2 server.

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