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2D art

Art works for games:

These first images are shown below are used for the achievements in Double Ducky, each button has its own style and the original images are 512x512 pixels. The Achievements buttons for the game Double Ducky
The next picture is one of the menu buttons for the game Double Ducky that brings the player to the high-scores table. The HI-SCORE button for the game Double Ducky
The next four images are sprites used for an older space game i've worked on. I am not sure if i will reuse these sprites for my new space game that is in development.
The core piece of a 2D space ship. The core piece of a 2D space station. A claw piece to put on a space ship. A plate piece to put on a space ship.


The first time we had to design mood boards on the Multimedia study on Drenthe College we had to use magazines and tear those apart to stick a mood board together. So i started looking at home for magazines and couldn't find any since we never buy those. To be rebelious against the assignment i made them with Photoshop. Lucky enough the teacher really liked the mood boards and even asked me if he could use my idea to show it to his group of teachers to adopt this idea into the study. Now it is widely adopted over several multimedia teaching schools. To bad i've only gotten a little appraisal from my teacher for it and that my name isn't even mentioned anywhere.

The idea of the mood board is that you first pick a background color with the basic tone you are feeling on the subject, then add the title with a matching font and color. The next step is to find a few pictures that resemble the feeling for you. And now you try to define at least 4 colors that match the subject and the images you've chosen. As a final step you could add a small description for why you've selected each of the colors.
Moodboard designs by Koen Ursem for Multimedia Development on Drenthe College

Photoshop gradients and layers art:

On Photoshop i have quickly found a way to make strange looking images that resemble some weird feeling of space and surrounding. Some look like distance space, others look like some odd geometric shapes, and others look like some deep unexplored ocean depth. I've sometimes used these images for background fillers on logos and web-designs.
Photoshop techinque by using gradients and edge functions. Photoshop techinque by using coloured gradients.
Photoshop techinque by using gradients and ripple functions. Photoshop techinque by using gradients and distortion functions.
Photoshop techinque by using gradients and filter functions. Photoshop techinque by using gradients and layer styles.

Multimedia works:

These are some other examples of work i've done on my Multimedia study.

On this picture i've added a city with a little more beach on the front while trying to make it look like the city was always there. Removing objects and adding a city on a background image.

Here we got the assignment to create a unique poster with the use of a orangeade bottle. Orangeade floating in the sky and one bottle dropped into the water.

In this image we were supposed to trick someone into thinking it was bad looking fruit, this was one of the earliest Photoshop assignments we've had on school. By using burn tool and darken creating bad look fruit.

Art drawings:

I'm not usually drawing a lot but these are some of the pencil drawings i've done.

This picture i've drawn to create a front image for my old portfolio drawings holder. Elephant hand drawn and coloured holding a branch.

This is one of the first body drawings i've done, later redrawn in Photoshop and my first digital coloring. Drawing and painting of a girl character with skull and holding a magic weapon.

Some more old art drawings:

These are some more pencil and marker drawings/colorings.
Character drawings, robots, dragons and tools. Weapons and tools drawn and coloured. Stickfigure poses converted into basic character drawings.

The next image are drawings done on the computer instead of on paper. For these i've used a Wacom Cintiq 13HD to do the drawing with.
Computer drawn images using the Wacom Cintiq 13HD.

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