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Logos and Identity

Logos for my game company and games:

For my company Develoduck Interactive i made a logo that looks like a golden duck or bird. By making the eye and the mouth be inverted it makes this simple yet bad ass look. The golden ducky from Develoduck Interactive The next logo is for the first game that i've released on the Google Play Store for android. It functions as the logo and button on the phone at the same time and there are different sized versions to keep the font readable even on the smallest icons. The ducky logo for the Double Ducky game in the Google Play Store.

Other logos used for this site:

There have been multiple versions for the look and identity of this site. Here are some of the older versions:
Older big logo for this portfolio site. Older medium logo for this portfolio site. Older small logo for this portfolio site. Topleft logo from older webtemplate.

Logos made on request:

An old connection asked me if i could make him a logo, since he didn't know what he wanted at all, i made some different mock-ups for him to choose from. It ended at these mock-ups though since his project never left the ground from what i know of. Some of the mockup logos made for Zekeringen.nl

Older game project logos:

Together with Arjan we came up with a design for our Unity game on Stenden University. I've mostly made up the concept and sketches while Arjan finished it with more details Photoshop. The logo voor the game Survival Rookies.
Another game logo was for my first web-game CrimeMafia. Top banner from the CrimeMafia webgame.

LA-Game logos at LE-Networks:

For LA-Game at LE-Networks each language needed its own puppet logo to represent that country or language. I took on the style of the older logo for Dutch and Drents and then improved the style a bit on the newer logos that had to be made. These logos are still used today.
LA-Game Friesland puppet design. LA-Game Groningen puppet design. LA-Game Arabiƫ puppet design. LA-Game Great-Britain puppet design. LA-Game Turkije puppet design. LA-Game India puppet design. LA-Game Portugal puppet design. LA-Game Spain puppet design. LA-Game Romeniƫ puppet design. LA-Game South-Korea puppet design.

Other logos at LE-Networks:

Together with Georg we worked on some logos for the site of Frank Pastoor: Two logos for the site of Frank Pastoor. For Veenkoloniaal Goud we also worked together to make these logos: The 5 final logos for Veenkoloniaal Goud.

Logos from Multimedia Design:

The following logos are logos that have been made when i did my multimedia study. The first logo is for a made up beer name (Sketch and Design)
Sketch for the logo of Amken beer. The worked out logo of Amken beer.

The next logo designs are for a fictional runners web-shop.
Different logo designs for Jansens Buitensport BV.

Logos for Lineage2 projects:

For my Lineage2 websites i've made the following two logos: The Incorporated top banner logo for the clan forum.
The Quantium Base Gaming site top banner logo.

Also in the game of Lineage2 you are allowed to have a 24x12 pixel logo to represent your clan in front of your name.
So for this a made some different small clan logos(crests) for in game:
Quantium Base ingame logo 1

Quantium Base ingame logo 2

Quantium Base ingame logo 3

Quantium Base ingame logo 4

Quantium Base ingame logo 5

Logo for a web-hosting competition:

I was asked to join a competition for a logo for a dedicated game-server hoster. I didn't end up in the top three but it is one of my earliest logos ever made.
Logo Reality Hosting Gameservers 1

Logo Reality Hosting Gameservers 2

Logo Reality Hosting Gameservers 3

Logo Reality Hosting Gameservers 4

Old game logos for myself:

For some forums it was normal to have your own game logo in your profile, so these are some logos i've put together myself and used a lot back in the days.
Logo for myself on my old Counter-Strike Clan.
Logo for myself for Counter-Strike
Logo for myself for on Lineage2 Forums.

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