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Cloud research.

Currently i am exploring on how to use Docker in combination with a webservice(preferably JSON). For this i am also looking on the different possibilitys using either Java, C# or Python. The goal is te learn more about how the Cloud actually works and how to use it. Up till now its really interesting and i am thinking about possibilities for a mobile gps based game for it.

Blockchain Smart contract research.

Besides that i have also started on the course material of Cryptozombies.io where i am trying to learn about the possibilitys of smart contracts on the etherium blockchain. I could already imagine some fun possibilities for making a game with this aswel.

Mathematica training.

My latest lessons on Mathematics date back to 2008 from my preparatory secondary vocational education (or 10th Grade). We didn't get any mathematics on our intermediate vocational education and higher education for ICT. When i finaly started my PRE-Master on University Utrecht this was a big step up leading to me quiting the study because my gap in knowledge. I thought it was mostly for university but in game design and advanced systems these mathematics are really important to help you out. I have always liked mathematics and since i also could find good use on my work i decided its never to late to learn something new. So i have some books where i've started with the introduction book for Bachelor/Master degree mathematics, and will start with book part 1 and 2 afther that.
It shocked me allot to see how my previous studies always gave us the idea that mathematics were not really required and what the uses could be in the world of ICT. If i would have known before about all the practical uses i would have started learning it way before starting my pre-master. Luckilly enough it's never to late to study it now, but with the financial dependencies for having a house i won't be able to pickup my fulltime master studies where i left off again.

2D Space Game

I am currently working on a 2D space game. The space ships exist out of multiple parts that player can fit together how he/she likes it. For the ship design it is important how you build it since it directly affects the performance of the ship. Eventually the player will have control of his own faction in a bigger universe to explore.
In the first stage of development towards a functional beta i will focus on a small playing field. Most items in the game will be configurable in the game files by the players and new items can be added aswel. For the beta version i still have to work on the following aspects:
- Engines for the propulsion of the ship.
- Shields and power modules.
- Rocket Launchers.
- Lasers.
- Computer controlled ships AI.
- Mining modules and asteroids to mine resources from.
For the most recent information of development please check out my twitter account.

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