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Video editing

Old movie projects from multimedia:

These are movies from my time on Multimedia design at the Drenthe College, Emmen back in 2008.

The first movie is about a guy named Bob, and bob needs to pay his rent so he has to find a job. This movie was also our entry to join the expose your talent competition in 2008:

The next movie is a movie about going to the gym, and an interview from the owner to ask some related questions. This movie was the entry we signed in for expose your talent 2009:

Finaly i've made a short stop motion movie on multimedia, which was one of the very first movie projects:

Old Lineage2 movies on Youtube:

Back in the days when i played allot of Lineage2 together with our community, a lot of fighting movies have been made by our clan.
The first movie is a promo movie made for a private Lineage2 server:

The movies below are pvp movies that i've made for our community:

Other old game movies on Youtube:

Besides Lineage2 movies i've also made some other game movies.

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