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Work Experience Anva:

For ANVA as a starting developer i've had to write clean and correct code. Because ANVA makes important internal systems that includes client data i cannot show any code examples but i can tell a bit about the kind of work i had to do and how we worked in global.
Most of the code was done in a test driven environment where test coverage was essential, besides that we also worked on continuous delivery with tools like Jenkins and Bitbucket. Code reviews where an essential task for all developers, it allowed you to get feedback, write proper code, and learn from others or sharing important changes by sharing the revieuw. My code was always thoroughly checked on integrity, reading, and correctnes by colleages and most of the time my code looked pretty good with only some minor changes needed. Sometimes i've even surprised my colleages with clever code designs.
For Java programming i could actively argue with perhaps our most experienced Java programmer who has teached me allot in a year time. Besides that most work actualy went into isCobol programming were i've started with zero experience when i started working for ANVA. Luckily enough there where some simple isCobol jobs the first 2 months available and we had a lot of experienced Cobol programmers that where able to help me out sometimes. Because of this i was quickly able to work on small and medium buggreports in the cobol part of our applications. Next to our most exeperienced programmer that also had most knowledge in C# coding i was the next in line for most C# knowledge, and since he was mostly bussy on more important parts i've quickly became the person mostly responsible for any C# work that came in. My Job at ANVA was rougly distributed like the following: 40% isCobol, 25% Java, 15% Lean:Six Sigma, 10% C# and 10% other jobs. For Lean:Six Sigma i've done the Orange Belt training and was responsible for our 2 Backoffice teams. Since i was far out the youngest in the backoffice this it was a great challenge, but i've managed to get a lot up on the table and together with the teams we managed to make some important adjustments to improve the work balances.
At ANVA i've been able to work on allot of different parts like maintenance and expansion of code from connections like the RDW for car data up to building a new data-extractor for parsing Ctree data. But also improving security voor the ANVA4/5 login and maintaining the outlook plugin that was connected to the ANVA4/5 software. A decent part of the systems was split between part isCobol and part Java giving it an extra challenge since you need to understand both, and especialy for coding it is realy important that both sides are coded in a similair way too keep it understandable. Also keeping room for expansions was important here, since some connections are pointing to systems of other suppliers that could change thier connection in- and outputs from time to time. I've learned allot about debugging code aswel, to be able to debug it was important you could set-up a working VM environment replicating the issue and connecting the required debuggers.

My team was really happy with my effords and in a year they have quickly seen me grow up to an almost equal collegue who was fully deployable and working in the team. The term trainee was also not really suited anymore and my knowledge was at least on par with a junior programmer, there where plans to correct my title but with a lot of management changes they couldn't fix this in a short time.

Unity scripts:

The first script made for Unity is this particle effect shown in the video below. It actually exists out of many individual particles that are moving around in circular motion.

The next unity script is an enhancement to the unity editor itself to be able too modify meshes. since there where no real tools out yet to modify meshes in Unity3D i've made my own prototype to do it. In the screen-shot below you can see a box that has been modified with it.
Self made plugin for Unity3D to edit meshes.

Windesheim Arduino projects:

On Windesheim we have had robotic lessons with Arduino which where really fun! Programming was done in C using the Arduino code editor.
The first movie is a traffic light that i've made with Arduino.

The second movie is our final Arduino project. In this project we had to design a robot car that was able to find the line in the center and then write a four letter word following on top of this line. Despite the low quality of the movie you can still see a bit that in this phase of the project we where able to write the letter H. From the participating groups we had far out the cleanest writing, the only glitch it had was that it wouldn't find the exit on the end.

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