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Welcome to my portfolio!

I hope to bring an update soon to balance the loading weight, but since i needed this portfolio as soon as possible we have to stick with this for a little while.
Alpha version 1.0 is now live on 13 Februari 2018 time 17:48.

Expected updates being developed:
- Dutch version of the site(In Progress).
- Balanced page loading, or sub pages per category loaded on request (Almost done).
You can use the menu on the left to quickly browse the different categorys of work in my portfolio.

Each category has a scrolling content from left to right that i sorted by date from new to old.
On the bottom of each category box you can click on the little blimps to quickly navigate.
So you can decide if you want to look from newest to oldest works or vice versa by starting from the begin going right, or starting from the end and going left.

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