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Hello my name is Koen Ursem, i have grown up in Drenthe the Netherlands.

Before i was ten years old, my neighbour gave me his old DOS computer. That is when learned what games are and quickly developed a passion for it.. Soon afther playing some games i found out i could also create new game content by modifing them. When a new shooter counter-strike came out i started learning to make 3d worlds. Some years later when i was 14 i ran my own totaly customized java bassed Lineage2 private server running on a dedicaded quad core xeon machine with 8gb ram and 1gbit up/down connections hosted in a datacenter in America. This also included building a functional and good looking website for players to register on.

When i was finally done with high school i started to study multimedia design on Drenthe College. Since the study was of realy bad quality i decided to switch to the application developer study. After finishing my secondary vocational education as application developer i started the bachelor of Informatica at Stenden Hogeschool.

Then i went to university to start my pre-master on Game and Media technology at Utrecht. This went very good at first until advanced mathematics showed up where my last math knowledge came from low level high school, with a one year additional delay on my study i've decided it was time to start working. I have worked for over a year in a big software development company since then. But the company didn't give me the opportunity to grow being stuck in a team with mostly isCobol maintenance instead of active Java programming. Also with all the changes of four new managers in one year and no clear view from above on my good performances I had decided to quit my job there.
Because my true passion was always about making and modding games, i then began working for myself as a game and web developer under the name Develoduck Interactive.



Most experienced in:
- Java (school + 1 year work experience)
- C# (school + 1 years self learned experience)
- PHP (school + 3 years self learned experience)
- HTML (school + 3 years self learned experience)
- CSS (school + 3 years self learned experience)
- MySQL (school + 2 years self learned experience)
- GML (2 years self learned experience)

Some experience in:
- isCobol (1 year work experience)
- Javascript (school experience)
- ASP (school experience)
- Python (school experience)

Design & Audio

Most experienced in:
- Photoshop (school + 3 years self learned experience)
- Unity3D (school + 1 years self learned experience)
- SonyVegas (3 years self learned experience)
- Illustrator (school + 1 years self learned experience)
- InDesign (school + 1 years self learned experience)
- ValveHammerEditor (6 years self learned experience)

Some experience in:
- 3DSMax,Blender (3 months self learned experience)
- LMMS,FruitlyLoops (1 months self learned experience)

Other skills

Most experienced in:
- Bitbucket (1 year work experience)
- Jira (1 year work experience)
- Confluence (1 year work experience)
- Lean:SixSigma (1 year work experience + certificate)
- Communication for Excellence (Certificate)

Some experience in:
- Datacubes (6 months internship experience)
- Robotframework (3 months work experience)
- AdSence (6 months self learned experience)
- Jenkins (2 months work experience)
- Maven (work experience)
- Docker (self experience)
- Social Media (self experience)

About me

I am a happy, spontaneous and friendly person who is always enjoying life. Right now me and my girlfriend are living together in Leusden for over a year, and before this i've lived for 2 years at a students appartment in Utrecht.

Regularly i visit my friends to play boardgames, relax, go bowling play a game of pool or watch a movie. Next to that i'm a big fan of most music and have gone to different festivals in my live. My range of music goes from 80s/90s to rock and metal, house, dance, trance, hardstyle, hardcore, blues and much more. Because of that i am not realy defined in any group and easily get along with most poeple. When i am alone i am most probably designing stuff, playing games, watching a movie, listening music, cleaning, working out, playing videogames or watching news on my phone.

From my 12th to my 18th year i've been very active as one of the leaders for a big Lineage2 clan with more then 50 poeple. This allowed me to develop my english skills, and we've played on very professional level which made our group (Under the names: QB-Gaming; SiSenors; FinalSolution; Evilution and more) often to be known as the number one in the competitive area. Which we could only achieve by great leadership and smart communication. The community site i was running for the clan had more than 5.000 visitors each day requiring good maintenance and protection against for example ddos.

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